It’s the end of the academic year and many of you may be taking exams, I’ve got one at the end of the month which I’ve not revised for yet but that’s not the point, I wanted to write a post that might give you some tips on how to survive the exam period:

  1.  Don’t rush revision. Read through your notes slowly, otherwise you’ll just skim them and won’t actually remember it all.
  2. Cramming doesn’t work for everyone. Start ASAP (which might be a bit difficult for some of you to do now as you might have exams this week. But for future references) the sooner you start the sooner it’s over.
  3. Try and work out whether you work best to silence or with background noise, I’ll be honest I still have no idea, I’ve tried silence, the radio, classical music, the sound of rain, piano music. Nothing’s standing out to me yet, but maybe one of those might help you.
  4. Be colourful, it’s always more fun seeing green ink as opposed to black.
  5. Stay hydrated, avoid getting headaches as they’re so distracting (I have one as I write this and I’m struggling to put sentences together)
  6. Give yourself snack rewards, write a page of revision notes = two biscuits.
  7. DON’T get stressed, it never helps, just keep as calm as you can, remember all you can do is try, as the saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed, try try and try again”
  8. Once in the exam, take all the equipment you need, including as much motivation as you can muster, tissues and water, I once choked in an exam and trust me, trying to keep choking as quiet as possible is challenging, I could have died.

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