I haven’t done a musical post for a while, so I thought I would change that by telling you all my current top five songs. You might love these and add them to your playlist, or if you think of better five songs, let me know!

  1.  Hair: Little Mix. This song is SO sassy and incredible I LOVE it. There’s just something so upbeat about this song. I wish I had the hair to swish along to it, but mine just becomes tangled and that ruins the moment.

  2. Raging: Kygo. This is an incredible song, it’s fast paced and fun, yet surprisingly deep with very good lyrics. Obssesssed

  3. 7: Catfish and the Bottlemen. Just a really good bit of music with a incredible guitaring (is that a word? It is now)

  4. Wild Things: Alessia Cara. I love her voice so much, she’s incredible. This song is my anthem. “We don’t need your policies, we have no apologies for being, find us where the wild things are”

  5. My final one is basically the opposite of Alessia. Wolves of Winter: Biffy Clyro. This is an instant banger, it’s loud and shouty but in a good relatable way, you can’t just sing along to this you have to shout it and play air instruments.  “WE HAVE ACHIEVED SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU POSSIBLY THOUGHT WE COULD”

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Songs of the Moment

  1. Great choices!
    The Kygo feat. Kodaline track is my absolute favourite at the moment (which might also come from me being a big Kodaline fan, but anyway…), it’s so so good, I can’t stop listening!
    Also that Biffy Clyro song- brilliant!

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