I moved to Norwich this weekend and one of the first things I talked about with the lady I’m living with is what TV do I watch. This made me realise that TV is the universal ice breaker you can have with anyone you meet in any situation. If you find out you like the same stuff, great, if the person you’re talking to hasn’t seen what you’re talking about (or vice versa) you feel obliged to become the Wiki account for that show. So, this got me thinking, what other conversations are used when meeting and getting to know people.

Well for me, it’s the general education chat. “What do you study?” followed by some sort of remark about my course, either it’s “not a proper” degree or that “it’s very relevant today.” But that isn’t where that ends, oh no. They then have to ask what year I’m in, where I’m studying and most importantly, “what do you want to do for a job after?” I DON’T KNOW MATE GIVE ME A CHANCE TO THINK.

The next conversation is usually “what do your parents do?” I don’t understand why this is a conversation that is needed to be had? Are my parents more interesting than I am? Is it a pride thing? I don’t understand.

You’ve then got to talk about holidays, although they’re stressful and you may have negative memories from them you can’t talk about that side, you’ve got to claim you go abroad all the time and you have to recount tales of fun and excitement and adventure, all while hinting at the fact they should go to the places you’ve been as if you work for the bloody tourist board.

Basically, you’ve got to provide a character profile and then show off in order to socialise with other human adults. This is why I prefer animals.




2 thoughts on “The Art of Conversation

  1. Don’t prefer animals, humans can be really nice as well. Music, books, films and of course the WEATHER šŸ˜€
    Or what I learned from the radio crew last week: “How would you like being proposed to?”

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