As I am an old woman, I have recently caught up with this years series of Springwatch and, for some reason, I got emotional.

They were showing a montage of photos and clips from their Do Something Great campaign. This was basically a campaign they ran asking people to do something great for nature, whether that’s building a bird box or doing a beach clean. And it made me a little emotional. Seeing so many people getting together to help wildlife was so nice to see, it doesn’t happen enough.

I felt compelled to write a post about doing something great because I think it is so important to, whether it’s for nature, for a family member or a friend, doing something selfless really can make a difference to both them and you.

  • For Nature: nature can seem a bit of a nerdy thing to help out, but it’s such a beautiful and important part of our lives it’d be a shame to watch it deteriorate
  1. Cleaning. Cleaning is never masses of fun. But doing it for nature is something different. Wildlife doesn’t cope well with litter, you see enough pictures of birds tangled in wire or seals with plastic bags on their heads. It’s incredibly sad. An easy way for people like us to help is to just pick up rubbish when you’re out and about. Whether you’re in the woods or at the beach, do it AND MAKE IT NEAT (Michael McIntyre reference there, you’re welcome)
  2. Housing. Animals need homes too, so if you have some time and space in your garden, build some nest boxes for birds or a leaf pile for insects or hedgehogs. You’ll be rewarded for it with cute animals.
  3. Food. Again it’s simple to do and rewarding too. You don’t need masses of space to do it, even if you live in a flat you can still find some birds to throw food at (a nice throw not a violent one, no knocking out sparrows or ducks)
  • Family and friends: whether you live near them or don’t see them very often you can still do something great to make them smile.
  1.  Last weekend my friend Lauren did a great thing for me, that made me so happy. She made me a birthday cake. I’ve never had a birthday cake made for me by a friend before and it was so touching. So if someone you know is having a birthday soon, or has just has one, channel your inner Mary Berry and make a cake for them. Who doesn’t like cake?!
  2. Send someone a message, it’s always a little sad when you feel like you’re drifting away from someone but are waiting for them to message you first. I’m always doing this. But just text them first, if their friendship is worth a lot to you just message them first. As Monty Don said at the talk he did at the Royal Norfolk Show “If there are two options one says yes and one says no, always go for yes, because that way you can always find out why you should have said no. And if you say no, you’ll always wonder what could have happened if you’d said yes.”
  3. Offer to help someone do something. Whether that’s your grandma’s gardening or helping your friend dye their hair, helping someone is always a nice thing to do.

    In this day and age there’s so many horrible things going on in the world it’s important to remember to do something nice, it really can make a difference.


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