In this epic smackdown I am going to be pitting together two of life’s biggest steps.
University and work.

As someone who has been at uni for 2 years and has been on a placement/internship for over a month now, I thought I would pit them against each other and show you what is better. It might help you decide what path to take, or it might help you decide the placement/internship you want. Either way it promises to be an interesting fight.

  • Free Time:
    With uni, you don’t get free time. You get guilt time. You’ve either got an assignment to be doing/crying about or a job to do, whether that’s an actual job or hoovering there’s always something. And when you try and have free time it becomes procrastination.
    With work there are NO ASSIGNMENTS (for my job anyway others might vary), you can go home at the end of the day and literally watch TV all evening without a care in the world. Of course you still have cooking and cleaning to do but there’s somehow more time to do it in.
  • People
    With uni the majority of the people are, lets be honest, dick-ish in one way or another. Some don’t make any effort, others are bullies. Although you can make some really great friends at uni, there’s always clashing personalities.
    With work, the majority of people I’ve met are actually nice. They’re all older than me so they tend to act more mature and I seem to get on better with older people anyway so that’s a bonus. Everyone likes the work they do so there’s never any complaining. It’s refreshing.
  • What you do
    I find at uni units are hit and miss, some you love, some you hate. Although I LOVE learning new theories and thinking critically, I am never as good at remembering the facts when it comes to assessment so it never looks as though I know anything.
    With work if you’re doing a placement you love you’ll love doing the work. It won’t even feel like work. And the feedback you get is useful although can be hard to take. I do find that I end up with nothing to do and have to find more tasks, whereas at uni you have six billion things at once. It’s either too much or not enough.
  • Money
    My internship is unpaid however a paid one is obviously giving you more money than uni is. Uni makes you poor.

To conclude this battle. There are upsides to both uni and work. Uni is more challenging and diverse when it comes to making you think about things like theories, however work makes you use different parts of your brain. I personally feel less stressed and a bit happier when at work compared to uni, purely because the bad grades I’ve got at uni have smashed my confidence. Whereas at work everything I do is good and I feel confident doing everything. If I’d have known I wanted to work in radio before uni I might have taken a gap year and tried to get a radio placement without the aid of a degree, and then decided about going. However the fact I’m doing a degree does look good on my CV and being at uni has given me a lot of chances to see my friends and go to gigs.

So as the final bell rings we can see that the fight was pretty evenly matched. But the only reason there will be a clear winner is down to you, the individual. It’s an important decision, so think carefully about who wins in your fight (please don’t use violence)



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