Here in the UK (and indeed quite a lot of Europe) we are experiencing more than an hours worth of unbroken sunlight. It’s been sunny for two days in a row now, TWO. And the best part is it’s been warm as well. Not like usual when the sun is lying and you go outside and freeze to death. It’s been a joy.

Well. When I say joy I mean a slight pain in the arse. We British people don’t cope well with weather changes, and as the weather is not rainy or mild we aren’t coping very well. But I thought I would offer my advice to you, for the best ways to cope with this sudden summer we appear to be having.

  1. Suncream. I don’t want to sound all preachy on you, but it’s really, really important.
  2. Wear the right clothing. I check the weather every night before going to bed, and then when I wake up (I really am the definition of old before my time) just to make sure I’m wearing the appropriate outfit to suit the weather conditions. But carry an umbrella with you just in case.
  3. Ice cream. It is a godsend, my current favourite is Kellys chocolate brownie salted caramel. Yes it is as good as it sounds, and no this is not an #ad (though I wish it was free ice cream is goals)
  4. Smoothies. These are a great way of staying hydrated and being healthy. Win win.
  5. Windows. Despite the peril of bugs and spiders getting in your room, keeping the window open really does help.
  6. Converse. Make sure you mention the weather at least once to every person you have a chat with otherwise you cannot call yourself British.

2 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Very fitting post for the week. I enjoy these hot days in Britain so much. Not because I’m there, but because my Twitter timeline turns into a hilarious mess. Everyone’s moaning about the heat even though they’re normally moaning about the bad British weather, the cold and the rain. It can’t be right, can it?
    And most of the time it’s not even that hot, at least not for me which makes it even better. The British people moan about their 28 degrees whilst it’s 35 over here in Southern Germany and I’m just sat here thinking “you don’t know what heat is” – whilst someone else living somewhere else is thinking the exact same thing about me.
    Weather is fun. And the British are so cute about it.

    1. Hahaha I know, we are so moany about everything! 35 sounds so hot! The most I’ve been in is 33 when I was in the South of France and that was pretty boiling haha!

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