A really popular question I see people getting asked all the time is “what is your biggest regret?” something that at one time in my life I’d have found really annoying. I’m a hermit and when people say that you should say yes to everything I always find myself thinking “but what the hell do I have to say yes to?” I LITERALLY STAY INDOORS ALL THE TIME EATING.

I don’t want to say I’ve had a revelation, but recently, thanks to luck and coincidence an opportunity has come around and it’s genuinely something I’ve always wanted. And I couldn’t stop myself from saying yes.

I wanted to write this post to encourage you all to stop thinking that you’ll never find the perfect opportunity to say yes to, whether that’s the perfect opportunity to go abroad, meet someone you love, or find a new job. At some point something will happen that you can say yes to and then you can feel glad that you had to wait so long for the perfect opportunity.

There are certain regrets I have, things I’ve done in the past that now I feel were a waste of time and/or mistakes, so if someone asked me what regrets I had right now, I’d be able to tell them a few silly things that weren’t that big of a deal. But saying yes to this opportunity that I have been given recently, means that if I’m asked that question in the future, I know that this isn’t one of them. If I’d have said no to the opportunity, the chances are I would have regretted it instantly. Does this make sense? I suppose I’m trying to tell you that if you think your life is boring or that there hasn’t been any opportunities just wait a little bit longer because who knows what’s around the corner (except Doctor Who, obviously)


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