Bake Off


Nothing says Britain more like a grown man working out angles in order to get a biscuit pyramid to stand successfully or witnessing someone cry over a bit of bread.
Ah Bake Off. It has everything you need to make a successful programme, drama, cakes, humour, characters, tension, cakes. It’s just good telly, and even if you don’t like it, you can’t deny it’s addictiveness (is this a word? It is now).

An episode of Bake Off must be comprised of these five things, that both make the show incredible yet make it utterly ridiculous at the same time.

Facial expressions:
For some reason baking, much like makeup application, makes people pull the best facial expressions ever. For Example:

The Humour:

It’s presented by the best female double act ever to exist. Mel and Sue. Need I say more?


The Innuendo:
Every single episode will have at least 5 innuendos in it. If you don’t laugh at least once then you aren’t watching it right.


The cakes:
I mean how could I NOT mention them?!

And finally:
Mary Berry (who is queen) and Paul Hollywood.


Was I Normal?

As I have been listening to Russell Howard and Jon Richardsons radio show (again, yes this post is a little bit de ja vu, I did this one last year I’ve decided to do a blog post on their Was I Normal feature. They did this once on their show and I found it hilarious so I felt like giving it a go. Although I mentioned two in that old post, I was a very weird child and decided to tell you some more. You’re welcome.

  1. I have a lot of car themed ones as you’d have seen in my original post. But I have thought of another one. When in the car and I was sat on the side nearest the verge (which wasn’t often as I always sat on the drivers side) and looking out the window, if the verge had long grass on it the wind from the cars would make the grass move and I used to like to pretend the grass was waving at me as if I was royalty. Yes you did read that correctly.
  2. My mum used to wear these ugly glasses to help her see the TV, and because I don’t need glasses the prescription used to be so strong it’d make the room look like it was made of hills. So obviously I found this incredible and would wear them for fun to pretend I was walking on lots of tiny hills. Why was I so lonely?
  3. I didn’t just have one imaginary friend growing up. Oh no. I had a group of imaginary friends and AND an imaginary dog.
  4. I used to be scared of being downstairs on my own in the house, especially at night when it was dark outside, so I’d have to leg it up the stairs to avoid being captured by all the demons.

I think I’ll leave it this here for now, I don’t want to weird you all out too much. Let me know your childhood was I normals below!

Top 5 Songs of the Moment


I haven’t done one of these for months so I thought today would be a great time to tell you my current top 5 songs. As usual some will be old, some will be new, but hopefully you’ll love these ones!

My first one is a song I have been a little bit obsessed with lately. Tilted by Christine and the Queens. This song is so beautiful, not in a ballady kind of a way, but in an upbeat kind of way. It’s got a continued drive and such a catchy beat, if you don’t nod your head along then are you even listening? The French in it makes me feel a little bit more cultured too. The video is also incredible, it really stands out amongst the pop music videos.


My next one is a little bit older than Tilted. But equally as catchy. We Are Golden by Mika is one of my teenage classics, it’s catchy and bouncy and uplifting with a surprisingly positive message. Like a magpie I live for glitter not you. Oh I miss Mika…

My third current favourite is another recent song, and is Anne-Marie Alarm. I’ve never heard of her before but I really like her voice. The video is also really cool. If you’ve seen the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet (if you did GCSE English you probably did) you’ll notice the subtle references. And you know me I love a subtle reference.

The next song I’ve been listening to constantly is The Maccabees Marks to Prove It. I was really sad to hear that the band was coming to an end but the news reminded me about how much I loved this song, it’s got such a great tune behind the incredible vocals. It’s one of those songs that suits every mood.

My final song is Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys. I think is is one of those songs that everyone can listen to and enjoy, even if this genre isn’t usually your thing. The lyrics are quite poignant but the amazing guitar really keeps the mood up. I just bloody love this band.

What do you think of my 5 songs? Which songs have you been loving lately?

Man Down


I thought I would do something I don’t do very often on my blog and that is a review. I watch a lot of TV and listen to a lot of radio, and I like to think that everything I watch or listen to is great. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother with it.

Today I thought I would do a review of the Channel 4 sitcom Man Down, because it’s currently one of the funniest things I am watching on TV.

Man Down is a sitcom starring Greg Davies, one of the tallest men in comedy (he’s literally over a foot taller than me), Roisin Conaty and Mike Wozniak and follows the weird and wonderful lives of their three characters Dan, Jo and Brian. Currently halfway through it’s third series, the sitcom is following the continuous storyline of Dans wish to move to America. One of the things I love the most about this sitcom is the fact all the characters have their own stories and plots that are interwoven with the main characters continous storyline, it means you can get fully into the programme and properly attached to the characters. Although it does this very cleverly, it tells you enough without giving everything away, the latest episode (The Visa, episode 4) ended on a surprising cliffhanger, which I had no idea would even be a possible storyline then BAM it was in the show.

Roisin, Greg and Mike act their characters really well, they have three very different personalities that both clash and compliment in all the right ways. Jo is a bit ditzy and has really weird ideas, Brian is serious and very professional and Dan is a sweary and immature teacher. Here is a clip of them in action (hopefully if you haven’t seen the series before this isn’t too spoilery) :


Yes, the show is sweary and weird but if you take the time to invest in the series you’ll realise just how funny it actually is. It’s a mix of physical comedy, with really well delivered silly humour with some dark comedy thrown in too. It takes some getting used to and if you haven’t got an open (okay, weird) mind it might not be your cup of tea, but this current series has had me crying with laughter.


I was thinking about to what to this weeks post on and it suddenly came to me a few moments ago. I’m renting a room in Norwich and one of the daughters of the woman I live with is married to a Spanish man, and she speaks to him in fluent, perfect Spanish. And that got me thinking about how incredible language actually is.

I have so so much respect for people who can speak and understand more than their native language. I mean when I got an A in GCSE French I felt like a bloody genius, but then looking back on it knowing how to say “J’ai joue au tennis avec mon frère. Apres J’ai mange ma déjeuner. Apres midi j’ai regarde la télé” (I literally just found this piece of homework entitled Mardi Dernier on my computer and I won’t lie I struggled to remember what some of that means and I am fully aware it makes no sense) is definitely not as impressive as being able to have a full on conversation with someone without hesitation or confusion. I know loads of people both on Twitter and from uni who, when I speak to them in English make me forget they aren’t English because they are so flawless.

I really want to take up French again so maybe one day I can understand actual French people when in actual France. Languages are such beautiful things and you forget just how many there are, so my challenge to you dear reader is to try and learn one sentence in another language, you never know you might fall in love with it.