I was thinking about to what to this weeks post on and it suddenly came to me a few moments ago. I’m renting a room in Norwich and one of the daughters of the woman I live with is married to a Spanish man, and she speaks to him in fluent, perfect Spanish. And that got me thinking about how incredible language actually is.

I have so so much respect for people who can speak and understand more than their native language. I mean when I got an A in GCSE French I felt like a bloody genius, but then looking back on it knowing how to say “J’ai joue au tennis avec mon frère. Apres J’ai mange ma déjeuner. Apres midi j’ai regarde la télé” (I literally just found this piece of homework entitled Mardi Dernier on my computer and I won’t lie I struggled to remember what some of that means and I am fully aware it makes no sense) is definitely not as impressive as being able to have a full on conversation with someone without hesitation or confusion. I know loads of people both on Twitter and from uni who, when I speak to them in English make me forget they aren’t English because they are so flawless.

I really want to take up French again so maybe one day I can understand actual French people when in actual France. Languages are such beautiful things and you forget just how many there are, so my challenge to you dear reader is to try and learn one sentence in another language, you never know you might fall in love with it.


4 thoughts on “Language

  1. I’m currently proud I understood your French and even found some mistakes, hehehe. But to be fair I had French in school for 5 years (if I don’t count the one in primary school) and mines not much better than yours… I should also do something about it especially as I can kind of see France from where I live.
    All in all, I get your point, I’m also always fascinated by people who speak many languages fluently.
    And what I love is listening to people whose language I don’t understand at all (like Chinese or Russian) and trying to figure out what there talking about. And those really foreign languages just sound so so different, it’s intriguing.

    1. Ahh well done for understanding! I wrote it when I was about 14 I think so it’s pretty poor hahaha! Your one of the people I really admire if you learnt French too I’d be so in awe! Yeah those languages are incredible, my uni friend is Latvian and speaks Russian too, it sounds so different it’s incredible

      1. Oh don’t, it’s only English that I’m doing alright in and even that could be so much better. Et mon Français est très mauvais – hehehe, that rhymed (unintentionally).
        One of my flatmates at uni is half Bulgarian and half Spanish, so she spoke Bulgarian, Spanish, German and English. And she knows a little French and Chinese as well and I think she’s able to understand Russian as well. That was really fascinating.
        By the way, if you want to brush up your French, Duolingo is a good App for it, at least for the beginning 🙂

      2. I think you’re more than alright! Your French there is very good 😛 oh my god that is a lot of languages! That’s incredible! Ooh thank you for letting me know 🙂

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