I thought I would do something I don’t do very often on my blog and that is a review. I watch a lot of TV and listen to a lot of radio, and I like to think that everything I watch or listen to is great. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother with it.

Today I thought I would do a review of the Channel 4 sitcom Man Down, because it’s currently one of the funniest things I am watching on TV.

Man Down is a sitcom starring Greg Davies, one of the tallest men in comedy (he’s literally over a foot taller than me), Roisin Conaty and Mike Wozniak and follows the weird and wonderful lives of their three characters Dan, Jo and Brian. Currently halfway through it’s third series, the sitcom is following the continuous storyline of Dans wish to move to America. One of the things I love the most about this sitcom is the fact all the characters have their own stories and plots that are interwoven with the main characters continous storyline, it means you can get fully into the programme and properly attached to the characters. Although it does this very cleverly, it tells you enough without giving everything away, the latest episode (The Visa, episode 4) ended on a surprising cliffhanger, which I had no idea would even be a possible storyline then BAM it was in the show.

Roisin, Greg and Mike act their characters really well, they have three very different personalities that both clash and compliment in all the right ways. Jo is a bit ditzy and has really weird ideas, Brian is serious and very professional and Dan is a sweary and immature teacher. Here is a clip of them in action (hopefully if you haven’t seen the series before this isn’t too spoilery) :


Yes, the show is sweary and weird but if you take the time to invest in the series you’ll realise just how funny it actually is. It’s a mix of physical comedy, with really well delivered silly humour with some dark comedy thrown in too. It takes some getting used to and if you haven’t got an open (okay, weird) mind it might not be your cup of tea, but this current series has had me crying with laughter.


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