As I have been listening to Russell Howard and Jon Richardsons radio show (again, yes this post is a little bit de ja vu, I did this one last year I’ve decided to do a blog post on their Was I Normal feature. They did this once on their show and I found it hilarious so I felt like giving it a go. Although I mentioned two in that old post, I was a very weird child and decided to tell you some more. You’re welcome.

  1. I have a lot of car themed ones as you’d have seen in my original post. But I have thought of another one. When in the car and I was sat on the side nearest the verge (which wasn’t often as I always sat on the drivers side) and looking out the window, if the verge had long grass on it the wind from the cars would make the grass move and I used to like to pretend the grass was waving at me as if I was royalty. Yes you did read that correctly.
  2. My mum used to wear these ugly glasses to help her see the TV, and because I don’t need glasses the prescription used to be so strong it’d make the room look like it was made of hills. So obviously I found this incredible and would wear them for fun to pretend I was walking on lots of tiny hills. Why was I so lonely?
  3. I didn’t just have one imaginary friend growing up. Oh no. I had a group of imaginary friends and AND an imaginary dog.
  4. I used to be scared of being downstairs on my own in the house, especially at night when it was dark outside, so I’d have to leg it up the stairs to avoid being captured by all the demons.

I think I’ll leave it this here for now, I don’t want to weird you all out too much. Let me know your childhood was I normals below!


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