Nothing says Britain more like a grown man working out angles in order to get a biscuit pyramid to stand successfully or witnessing someone cry over a bit of bread.
Ah Bake Off. It has everything you need to make a successful programme, drama, cakes, humour, characters, tension, cakes. It’s just good telly, and even if you don’t like it, you can’t deny it’s addictiveness (is this a word? It is now).

An episode of Bake Off must be comprised of these five things, that both make the show incredible yet make it utterly ridiculous at the same time.

Facial expressions:
For some reason baking, much like makeup application, makes people pull the best facial expressions ever. For Example:

The Humour:

It’s presented by the best female double act ever to exist. Mel and Sue. Need I say more?


The Innuendo:
Every single episode will have at least 5 innuendos in it. If you don’t laugh at least once then you aren’t watching it right.


The cakes:
I mean how could I NOT mention them?!

And finally:
Mary Berry (who is queen) and Paul Hollywood.


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