3 Years


This post is a little celebratory one, today marks my third year blogging. I am actually surprised about how fast those three years have gone, I’ve gone through college, moved around the country, met internet friends and favourites, and have almost finished uni.

I am also quite surprised I’m still writing blog posts, and I’m more surprised thousands of people have actually read them. I am very grateful that you enjoy what I put on here. I’ll be honest, I do struggle with blog ideas, especially when I’ve been busy then it’s more of a “I HAVEN’T DONE A POST QUICK DO SOMETHING” situation. I am happy however, to take suggestions as to what sort of posts you’d like me to write. As I’m looking to go into radio I’m tempted to do more music based posts, if you’d like them let me know! Or would you rather I kept up with my usual bits and bobs.

Once again, thank you for reading/liking/commenting on my blog. Sorry this one was not entertaining but it’ll all go back to normal in the next one!





I don’t know if this is just me, or if this is something we all struggle with, but I have found myself actually getting angry at noises.

There are certain constant, repetitive noises that I’m finding really annoying lately, to the point where, if I listen to them for too long I feel myself actually going a little bit insane.

The first of these noises is snoring. If you snore I will be unable to sleep as it will be all I concentrate on, I don’t want to focus on the sound of snoring, but I do. So all in all, if I hear you snoring I will stare angrily at you before throwing something at your face.

Then there’s the fridge. I thought I could trust the fridge to be my long-standing friend. But no. I’ve recently started hearing a really piercing high pitched noise coming from the fridge, both at home and in my new uni house AND IT’S DRIVING ME MAD. Once you start hearing it, you literally cannot unhear it. And now it’s followed me here so I’m constantly hearing that noise. So if you know about fridges feel free to teach me how to make it stop.

The sound of flies. I don’t think this will be surprising, or unique to me, because they’re evil and must be stopped. But the sound of a fly hitting a window trying to leave/buzzing in your face genuinely angers me. If it can get into the house surely it can leave again!? As for the buzzing, just get out of my face please.

The sound of static has always bothered me. Especially when you’re trying to tune a radio. If there’s even the slightest bit of static I physically cannot listen to it. I’ll tune till clean radio is heard.

I might just spend my life with my headphones on so I can avoid all the evil sounds and just listen to the sounds I want to hear.

University Essentials

As someone who is about to embark on their third and, thankfully last year at uni, I thought I would talk about my top five essentials for you new first years to try and ease the move to university a little bit.

  1. Notebooks with dividers.
    If you’re going to handwrite your notes, I cannot stress enough how handy it is to just take one notebook. It weighs less than a laptop or multiple notebooks and it means you can easily keep track of your work. Assigning each unit with a section of your notebook is genius. It’s even better when the sections are colour coded too. Ahh organisation.
  2. Unique cutlery.
    I know this sounds weird but bare with me. Everyone will be buying the same Asda own brand cutlery, which means yours will be stolen/mistaken for someone elses. So try and make yours different by buying a different brand or colour coding it, that way, no bastards can take your teaspoons.
  3. Sticky notes.
    Whether they’re digitalised or physical ones, they’re very useful to keep deadlines on. I also recommend you make your deadlines a day or two earlier than they actually are (so say something is due on the 8th, you write down that it’s due on the 7th) that way you’ll never miss a deadline (you’re welcome).
  4. Double sided duvets.
    As weird as this sounds, having a double sided duvet means less washing and it means you can easily change your room decor without having to do anything. Perfect.
  5. A sense of achievement
    As cheesy as this is, the fact you’ve made it to uni is amazing, and although it’s glamourised and you’ll probably spend some of (or most of in my case) your time hating yourself/other humans/life. Getting a degree is something pretty special so you should be proud of yourself.

The End of an Era

So, the end of my internship has arrived. I cannot believe that those three months have gone by so quickly. It’s hard to believe that I was actually nervous to start working in a professional environment, I genuinely have loved every single day. Which compared to how much I love university, is a pretty big difference.

I really do recommend that if you’re doing a degree and you can choose whether or not to do an internship, that you choose to do one. I’ve learnt, and remembered more in the three months than I have in my entire two years studying. I think it helps that you’re doing something as opposed to just listening, writing and reading. I’m actually making things, using technology and equipment I’ve never been able to use until now, people are actually appreciating the things I do. I think it may be something to do with maturity levels or something, but the people at work are so much nicer than uni people. Even the new interns who are from a university aren’t acting like dicks, (well except when I’m being bullied by my colleagues, which to be honest happens regularly).

In terms of choosing a placement, you don’t have to aim for the big name companies in order to have a successful placement. Smaller companies are just as willing and just as useful for you. I’ve known people at uni who applied for internships at over 70 different companies. Although she ended up at NBC, I would never want to devalue my placement at a tiny community radio station with a cabin for an office in relation to her London based tower block. Although working in a place like that would be really cool, and ultimately a goal of mine, the people at my little cabin are all so great, and the experience has been worth the move to the other side of the UK.

The workload is a lot more varied in a smaller company too. You get to try a range of different things which is great for the CV. My tasks ranged from interviewing to audio recording. Although focussing on one task would mean you’d improve at it a lot faster than if you juggled roles, I’ve found having multiple roles so much fun.

I’m really going to miss this placement. Going back to uni is going to be a bit of a disappointment but I am excited to meet my new housemates and basically smash third year so I’ll be able to say I have a degree. Hopefully not a rubbish one either. Everyone please pray for me to get a 2:1.