So, the end of my internship has arrived. I cannot believe that those three months have gone by so quickly. It’s hard to believe that I was actually nervous to start working in a professional environment, I genuinely have loved every single day. Which compared to how much I love university, is a pretty big difference.

I really do recommend that if you’re doing a degree and you can choose whether or not to do an internship, that you choose to do one. I’ve learnt, and remembered more in the three months than I have in my entire two years studying. I think it helps that you’re doing something as opposed to just listening, writing and reading. I’m actually making things, using technology and equipment I’ve never been able to use until now, people are actually appreciating the things I do. I think it may be something to do with maturity levels or something, but the people at work are so much nicer than uni people. Even the new interns who are from a university aren’t acting like dicks, (well except when I’m being bullied by my colleagues, which to be honest happens regularly).

In terms of choosing a placement, you don’t have to aim for the big name companies in order to have a successful placement. Smaller companies are just as willing and just as useful for you. I’ve known people at uni who applied for internships at over 70 different companies. Although she ended up at NBC, I would never want to devalue my placement at a tiny community radio station with a cabin for an office in relation to her London based tower block. Although working in a place like that would be really cool, and ultimately a goal of mine, the people at my little cabin are all so great, and the experience has been worth the move to the other side of the UK.

The workload is a lot more varied in a smaller company too. You get to try a range of different things which is great for the CV. My tasks ranged from interviewing to audio recording. Although focussing on one task would mean you’d improve at it a lot faster than if you juggled roles, I’ve found having multiple roles so much fun.

I’m really going to miss this placement. Going back to uni is going to be a bit of a disappointment but I am excited to meet my new housemates and basically smash third year so I’ll be able to say I have a degree. Hopefully not a rubbish one either. Everyone please pray for me to get a 2:1.


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