As someone who is about to embark on their third and, thankfully last year at uni, I thought I would talk about my top five essentials for you new first years to try and ease the move to university a little bit.

  1. Notebooks with dividers.
    If you’re going to handwrite your notes, I cannot stress enough how handy it is to just take one notebook. It weighs less than a laptop or multiple notebooks and it means you can easily keep track of your work. Assigning each unit with a section of your notebook is genius. It’s even better when the sections are colour coded too. Ahh organisation.
  2. Unique cutlery.
    I know this sounds weird but bare with me. Everyone will be buying the same Asda own brand cutlery, which means yours will be stolen/mistaken for someone elses. So try and make yours different by buying a different brand or colour coding it, that way, no bastards can take your teaspoons.
  3. Sticky notes.
    Whether they’re digitalised or physical ones, they’re very useful to keep deadlines on. I also recommend you make your deadlines a day or two earlier than they actually are (so say something is due on the 8th, you write down that it’s due on the 7th) that way you’ll never miss a deadline (you’re welcome).
  4. Double sided duvets.
    As weird as this sounds, having a double sided duvet means less washing and it means you can easily change your room decor without having to do anything. Perfect.
  5. A sense of achievement
    As cheesy as this is, the fact you’ve made it to uni is amazing, and although it’s glamourised and you’ll probably spend some of (or most of in my case) your time hating yourself/other humans/life. Getting a degree is something pretty special so you should be proud of yourself.

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