I don’t know if this is just me, or if this is something we all struggle with, but I have found myself actually getting angry at noises.

There are certain constant, repetitive noises that I’m finding really annoying lately, to the point where, if I listen to them for too long I feel myself actually going a little bit insane.

The first of these noises is snoring. If you snore I will be unable to sleep as it will be all I concentrate on, I don’t want to focus on the sound of snoring, but I do. So all in all, if I hear you snoring I will stare angrily at you before throwing something at your face.

Then there’s the fridge. I thought I could trust the fridge to be my long-standing friend. But no. I’ve recently started hearing a really piercing high pitched noise coming from the fridge, both at home and in my new uni house AND IT’S DRIVING ME MAD. Once you start hearing it, you literally cannot unhear it. And now it’s followed me here so I’m constantly hearing that noise. So if you know about fridges feel free to teach me how to make it stop.

The sound of flies. I don’t think this will be surprising, or unique to me, because they’re evil and must be stopped. But the sound of a fly hitting a window trying to leave/buzzing in your face genuinely angers me. If it can get into the house surely it can leave again!? As for the buzzing, just get out of my face please.

The sound of static has always bothered me. Especially when you’re trying to tune a radio. If there’s even the slightest bit of static I physically cannot listen to it. I’ll tune till clean radio is heard.

I might just spend my life with my headphones on so I can avoid all the evil sounds and just listen to the sounds I want to hear.


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