This post is a little celebratory one, today marks my third year blogging. I am actually surprised about how fast those three years have gone, I’ve gone through college, moved around the country, met internet friends and favourites, and have almost finished uni.

I am also quite surprised I’m still writing blog posts, and I’m more surprised thousands of people have actually read them. I am very grateful that you enjoy what I put on here. I’ll be honest, I do struggle with blog ideas, especially when I’ve been busy then it’s more of a “I HAVEN’T DONE A POST QUICK DO SOMETHING” situation. I am happy however, to take suggestions as to what sort of posts you’d like me to write. As I’m looking to go into radio I’m tempted to do more music based posts, if you’d like them let me know! Or would you rather I kept up with my usual bits and bobs.

Once again, thank you for reading/liking/commenting on my blog. Sorry this one was not entertaining but it’ll all go back to normal in the next one!




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