Seeing as I hate Halloween, but don’t want to be hated by everyone, I thought now would be a really good time to talk about one of my guilty pleasures. You may be like, “um what has this got to do with Halloween?” well, it’s a little bit different to most people’s ideas of guilty pleasures, it’s not TOWIE or Big Brother. My guilty pleasure is documentaties about mythical creatures. Let me explain…

I am a big fan of a mystery, and there is no greater mystery than UFOs, Bigfoot, Nessie, etc etc etc. And there is nothing I enjoy more than settling down to watch an hour long documentary about said mythical animals in order to come to a conclusion as to what the sightings/footprints could be. These documentaries are clever in the sense that, they NEVER give you an answer at the end, they just make you think about the possibilities, and I bloody love it. Growing up I used to watch something called The Monster Hunter (you may have known it as Destination Truth, which in my eyes is a shoddy title), which although scared me, it wasn’t a horror film scare (which I hate) it was a nice scare, made with anticipation and CGI.  I can’t find this show anywhere and I think it died a low ratings death, but in my eyes it was incredible. I learnt all about “real life” vampires and rivers filled with deathly creatures and flying monsters that kidnapped babies. None of it was appropriate for young me to be watching. If you’re keen to read up on the episodes here’s a link to the wiki page, you’re welcome.

I have been known to watch channel 4 documentaries on such mythical creatures instead of doing things I’m meant to be, like essays or sleep. But who cares, it’s learning…right?

I’m not sure if I believe in any of these creatures, I mean, part of me loves the idea that some dinosaurs survived the extinction, part of me knows that is impossible. But things like Bigfoot…well, I think there’s something in it. There are always new creature discoveries, so maybe a giant ape is one of them? Or maybe it’s just a case of mistaken identity. We’ll never know…

Does anyone else watch these? Or have a guilty pleasure that’s equally as weird? Let me know!


Snack Queen

I am poor. Being a student is a struggle and thanks to my loan not being enough to cover my rent, I’m basically having to starve myself.

However. I still love to snack. Especially in the evenings when I’m snuggled into my pyjamas watching the TV. So I thought I would share with you my favourite budget snacks so you too can live like a student, or, if you are a student, you can discover some wonderful snacks. Or even suggest some better ones.

  1. Biscuits. You can buy a pack of custard creams for less than 40p, FORTY PENCE. Or if custard creams aren’t your thing (why wouldn’t they be?!) in Aldi (other budget supermarkets are available) you can get rich teas or bourbons or cookies, which if you’re careful, can last you at least two days, maybe even two weeks.
  2. Nuts. Before you make any rude jokes, peanuts or cashews or any other type of nut, are great snacks as they’re kind of healthy, yet are great for people like me who are obsessed with crisps. If you try really hard to not eat them all at once, you can easily eat them over the course of a week.
  3. Mini trifles. Before you laugh/shout WHOOOOO/call me a granny. Trifles are actually really nice and if you get a three pack, that’s three evenings worth of snack.
  4. Angel cake. Angel cake, not to be confused with angle cake which is less exciting, is one of my favourite types of cake. You can get them quite cheaply and can make them last for a good week, even if the use by date suggests otherwise.
  5. Chocolate. Individually wrapped chocolate like twirls or fudge are great as they’re satisfying, but because they’re individually wrapped, you are less tempted to eat all of it. Or just buy a massive dairy milk and eat all of it. But only when they’re on sale for a £1. I’m not made of money.



Height Disadvantage

It’s no secret that I’m not the tallest sunflower in the garden (is that even an expression?), I measured myself against a kids height chart in Sainsburys the other day and was delighted to see that I was 160cm tall, which is the height of a 13 year old. I am 20.

Being short has its downsides, which for all you tall people, I shall list now:

  1. Doing anything with double duvets or sheets is a nightmare, my arms aren’t long enough to fold it properly, let alone actually make a bed.
  2. Reaching anything on high shelves is just not worth the hassle. And I work in a library so you can imagine the fun I have.
  3. You’re mistaken for being a child, so you get looked at with a look of pity when walking around a shop, as if you have lost your parent.
  4. Trousers never fit properly, it’s such a pain tripping over your own clothes.
  5. Carrying bags isn’t easy as they end up scraping along the floor.


Although, there are many advantages to being short, it can be a right pain. What are the disadvantages to being tall? Let me know!


As you may have gathered from my last post I am not the biggest fan of change.

It’s not that I worry change will be bad (although most of the time it is), it’s more a hatred of having to readjust to newness.

I’m not too bad at dealing with the monthly calendar change, although I swear every month is ending quicker than the one previously, it’s more trivial stuff. Such as changing to a new toothbrush, I always feel quite guilty, as if I’ve killed off the old toothbrush before its time. Same thing applies to shower gels. Then there’s the telly stuff I mentioned before (the news broke the other day that Dennis the Menace is getting changed and I was disgusted), then there are re-makes of films that are not needed. Then there’s the new £5. If you aren’t from Britain, basically imagine shiny Monopoly money. That’s the new fiver. I’m not a fan of it. I can see why they made it waterproof etc but it looks too small compared to the rest of the money and it feels weird and is too shiny and looks too blue. I was more than happy with the old fiver.

Basically, to conclude I am going to live in a cave where I can be sheltered from change.

The Good Old Days

I need to rant.


The first example of this, is Fireman Sam. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO IT?! Back in my day it looked like this;


What was wrong with this?! It was entertaining, it was funny, it was easy to understand, the quality wasn’t even that bad in relation to some of the older stuff. But they changed it. To this;


IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK REMOTELY LIKE FIREMAN SAM. His chin is too big and he was a brunette and why does Norman have those hideous trousers?!

Then there’s Bob the Builder. It used to be like this;


I used to adore this show, I genuinely was obsessed with it, does anyone else remember this song they did?! (I am so sorry in advance)


Then they made this…


I mean there are so many things wrong with it I physically cannot say them all without getting extremely angry. The moment I saw this for the first time was the moment I realised my childhood was over.

Then there’s Peter Rabbit, which was one of my favourite book series growing up. I had the entire collection and loved it.  This is how I remember it looking;


Such beautiful drawings of possibly the cutest childhood character ever. Then CBeebies got involved, and as much as I liked watching Cbeebies growing up, what they did next was unbelievable.



The Famous Five was actually my favourite thing growing up, this 1996 series is the one I remember watching on VHS (whooOOO) and loving.


I watched every single episode and I adored the characters and who portrayed them. Then they did this to it.


I was so angered by this I wrote an essay on it in my first year at uni. I did get a first on it however, so I’m grateful it exists for that first. But I still hate it and always will.

Please can television companies stop rebranding kids shows for no reason.

Rant over.