As you may have gathered from my last post I am not the biggest fan of change.

It’s not that I worry change will be bad (although most of the time it is), it’s more a hatred of having to readjust to newness.

I’m not too bad at dealing with the monthly calendar change, although I swear every month is ending quicker than the one previously, it’s more trivial stuff. Such as changing to a new toothbrush, I always feel quite guilty, as if I’ve killed off the old toothbrush before its time. Same thing applies to shower gels. Then there’s the telly stuff I mentioned before (the news broke the other day that Dennis the Menace is getting changed and I was disgusted), then there are re-makes of films that are not needed. Then there’s the new £5. If you aren’t from Britain, basically imagine shiny Monopoly money. That’s the new fiver. I’m not a fan of it. I can see why they made it waterproof etc but it looks too small compared to the rest of the money and it feels weird and is too shiny and looks too blue. I was more than happy with the old fiver.

Basically, to conclude I am going to live in a cave where I can be sheltered from change.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Well, you must be really looking forward to the Brexit induced changes that are coming your way… sorry, don’t know why this was the first thing that came into my mind.

    But I get you, I’m also very afraid of change most of the time. Nevertheless change can also be good sometimes. Always look on the bright side 😉

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