It’s no secret that I’m not the tallest sunflower in the garden (is that even an expression?), I measured myself against a kids height chart in Sainsburys the other day and was delighted to see that I was 160cm tall, which is the height of a 13 year old. I am 20.

Being short has its downsides, which for all you tall people, I shall list now:

  1. Doing anything with double duvets or sheets is a nightmare, my arms aren’t long enough to fold it properly, let alone actually make a bed.
  2. Reaching anything on high shelves is just not worth the hassle. And I work in a library so you can imagine the fun I have.
  3. You’re mistaken for being a child, so you get looked at with a look of pity when walking around a shop, as if you have lost your parent.
  4. Trousers never fit properly, it’s such a pain tripping over your own clothes.
  5. Carrying bags isn’t easy as they end up scraping along the floor.


Although, there are many advantages to being short, it can be a right pain. What are the disadvantages to being tall? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Height Disadvantage

  1. Oh, this is one for me I think. I’m 1,82m and so far I collected these kind of bad things that happened to me because I’m tall:

    – There were hotel beds, that I didn’t fit into.
    – There were showers I couldn’t stand straight in.
    – I once also encountered a hairdryer in a hotel, that was hung too low on the wall, so I had to sit to dry my hair…
    – It’s hard to find fitting trousers and you can’t do anything about it. Long coats are also a problem.
    – people are constantly checking your shoes, which isn’t bad but annoying.
    – I once was the tallest person in a night club because I was wearing heels. That wasn’t particularly bad, it was just odd especially even all the men were smaller than me.
    – I hit my head quite often – on doors, staircases, lamps,…
    – … and my knees when I sit somewhere (especially on the seats in front of me or the steering wheel in some cars).

    Erm, yes. I reckon that’s it for now. If I would properly think about it, I might have some more 😀

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