I am poor. Being a student is a struggle and thanks to my loan not being enough to cover my rent, I’m basically having to starve myself.

However. I still love to snack. Especially in the evenings when I’m snuggled into my pyjamas watching the TV. So I thought I would share with you my favourite budget snacks so you too can live like a student, or, if you are a student, you can discover some wonderful snacks. Or even suggest some better ones.

  1. Biscuits. You can buy a pack of custard creams for less than 40p, FORTY PENCE. Or if custard creams aren’t your thing (why wouldn’t they be?!) in Aldi (other budget supermarkets are available) you can get rich teas or bourbons or cookies, which if you’re careful, can last you at least two days, maybe even two weeks.
  2. Nuts. Before you make any rude jokes, peanuts or cashews or any other type of nut, are great snacks as they’re kind of healthy, yet are great for people like me who are obsessed with crisps. If you try really hard to not eat them all at once, you can easily eat them over the course of a week.
  3. Mini trifles. Before you laugh/shout WHOOOOO/call me a granny. Trifles are actually really nice and if you get a three pack, that’s three evenings worth of snack.
  4. Angel cake. Angel cake, not to be confused with angle cake which is less exciting, is one of my favourite types of cake. You can get them quite cheaply and can make them last for a good week, even if the use by date suggests otherwise.
  5. Chocolate. Individually wrapped chocolate like twirls or fudge are great as they’re satisfying, but because they’re individually wrapped, you are less tempted to eat all of it. Or just buy a massive dairy milk and eat all of it. But only when they’re on sale for a £1. I’m not made of money.




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