Today I went to the dentist. If you didn’t know, I’m not a big fan of the dentist. Not because I have bad teeth, my teeth are surprisingly good I don’t even have any fillings. But because once I had to have a stubborn baby tooth removed and the dentist gave me numbing gel that literally did nothing, then gave me some lovely injections into my tiny gums. So since then I’ve been very wary of dentists and have little trust in them. So the waiting room is always an anxiety filled time for me. It wasn’t helped today by seeing one boy come in with a cracked tooth caused by him doing handstands in a swimming pool and smashing his face on the floor. As someone with a fear of swimming this story did not help and made me want to cry. Then the radio was playing Steps: Tragedy, which although a cracking song did make me think it was an omen, and my mind played out scenarios of me running out the dentist with no teeth and blood everywhere.

However I am pleased to report that the experience wasn’t too bad. As usual the awkward “where do I look” situation arose, resulting in me counting the ceiling tiles. However this was made harder when the dentist chose to spend the examination telling me about the typical oral cancer patients. It’s awkward talking about cancer at the best of times, but when a bloke is scraping your teeth it certainly does not make it easier. Then we had a lovely chat about that A level student and the John Lewis advert, as he seemed to think the student may have been at my uni. He isn’t.

Then something shocking happened. He decided to do *cue dramatic music* x-rays. He wanted to do them as apparently they’re “something that need to be done every 3 years” so obviously I feared the worst and imagined 1o2 injections and having to be trapped in a radiation filled room. Instead it was basically a checkout scanner. I’ve actually had x-rays on my jaw before, due to my TMJ diagnosis (in laymans terms, my jaw clicks and locks open and it’s generally painful to chew chewy things.) However due to this problem, and the fact I have a tiny head and therefore a small mouth, having my mouth open for prolonged time really hurts, so as you can imagine the dentist is a painful experience. So with the x-ray involving me putting what can only be described as large plastic spoons in the sides of my mouth, you can guess the pain I was in. The plastic dug into my mouth. Thankfully the x-rays only took half a second, and as the dentist liked to inform me “has less background radiation than a two hour flight to Spain.” You are welcome for that pub quiz fact.*

So all in all, the dentist is a slightly painful, nerve inducing experience for me, however I can’t complain as it literally takes less than 5 minutes to have a check-up and I’m very fortunate to live in a place with good dental care.
*may not actually be true, don’t blame me if you don’t win the pub quiz.


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