A while ago, I wrote a review about the new series of Top Gear, as I was genuinely intrigued as to how the series would go (here’s a link to it if you missed it) and as The Grand Tour, with Jeremy, Richard and James recently came out, I thought it was only fair to review their new show too.


That’s not the end of the review, I do want to say more, but my overriding thought is love. It was everything I hoped it would be, the same boys I’ve spent the last seven years enjoying, messing around in fast cars.

One of the first things I noticed was the studio, well, tent audience reactions to the three of them. Everyone was happy to see them, the audience were loud and genuinely appreciated the jokes the three of them told. When you compare it to the Top Gear audience and what sounded like canned laughter, it really does speak volumes (literally.)

Talking of humour, the show is packed with jokes, both observational and satirical, there’s even slapstick thrown in there too. I mean the track is shaped like the ebola virus and contains an unexploaded bomb- it’s called the ebola-drone for crying outloud, three major celebrities are “killed” and a drone is shot out of the sky. All in the space of an hour. It’s basically a comedy/entertainment/factual show and I love it, it really demonstrates how versatile and talented the three of them are.

The show made me a little bit emotional if I’m honest. If you’re a fan of Jeremy, Richard and James and the opening sequence didn’t make you cry you must have a heart of stone. The way they looked at each other was as if to say “I’m so happy we’re back. This is what we were made to do” and I very much agree with that sentiment.

The one difference I would say is there is less censorship of swearing, if you have young children and don’t want them to hear words like “shit” then sadly you’ll have to give their new show a miss. I don’t have a problem with their language, in fact I think it adds to the show and makes it even more genuine.

The visuals were stunning, both the tent backdrop and their location shoots. I don’t think a laptop or TV screen smaller than 47 inches does it justice, it really belongs in a cinema.

I’m also incredibly pleased with the response to their show on social media, although it’s hardly surprising it did so well. They’re good at their jobs after all.


I think for me the worst part of the new show, was watching their promo interviews, so many predictable, pointless questions about the past that they’ve answered 204600 times. MOVE ON PRESS, MOVE ON.





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