Last week I met someone for the first time, and upon meeting him, he asked me how old I was. A pretty standard question. When I replied, telling him I’m 20, his response was,
“aw that’s cute!”

Which is the very reason why I wanted to rant for this week’s blog post. For some reason, whether it’s societal or otherwise, ages must reflect who you are, and if your age is deemed to be “young” it’s “cute” and makes you more immature or something. If you’re over a certain age you have to act a certain way. And it’s just got to a point where it’s become incredibly annoying to me.

Anyone of any age has the potential to be mature or immature, and your age certainly shouldn’t define how “cute” you’re deemed to be. Is being twenty suddenly something adorable, like being a newborn, or is it because my age doesn’t match my face/height/build? I was talking to a friend about this recently and we came to the conclusion makeup has a lot to play in how old you look. I don’t wear any makeup 98% of the time, and the 2% I wear is eye makeup when I’m at a gig or going out for dinner and want to make a bit of an effort. I already have the body of a 13 year old, so coupled with no makeup, it must automatically make me a child, right?  I wish it wasn’t right, but there’s an assumption that makeup equals maturity, and of course it does I suppose, most makeup wearers are over the age of 12, but what about people like me? Are we just the abnormal few? Should I start shoving on the contour just so people stop calling me cute when they find out I’m not 13?

Or maybe being 20 is still a childish age anyway, maybe makeup has nothing to do with it, and being 20 is young, even to those who are 23/24 like the guy who called me cute. I have a real issue with being seen as young, I get it I am youngER, I’m not 87 or 42 or even 23. But I think personality should account for more than an age does, yes, age is important but so is who you actually are. You can be 18 and love a board game, like you can be 89 and enjoy listening to Radio 1. I’m 20 and love Midsomer Murders and cosy pyjamas and woodland walks and that’s okay, why shouldn’t it be.

Orrrr maybe being called cute was a compliment, and my media student brain is analysing things far too much, who knows?!


4 thoughts on “The Age Old Question

  1. Don’t change your appearance just to look older – you will soon enough and make up doesn’t help. Do whatever you enjoy, no matter how old you are.
    I sometimes act like a 16 year-old even though I’m ten years older, you shouldn’t let your age define who you are.
    And maybe the “cute” was just a lovely compliment 🙂

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