I’ve done a few posts like this in the past, but about music, so I thought I’d try branching out and doing a TV one. If you don’t live in the UK you might be limited in accessing these shows, but if you can access them I highly recommend you do.

The first one won’t really be that surprising, I’ve been going on about this TV show for the last few weeks. Crazyhead is on Channel 4 (for the next 2 weeks for people in the UK, then it will be on Netflix for non-UK people) and Channel 4 describe it as a “comedy horror series about love, friendship and facing your demons.” But you may be aware that I HATE scary things, to the point where the Thriller music video scares me. So you may be wondering why I’d watch something with the word horror in the description. Well, the show features “demons” and growing up I loved watching Charmed, where they too fought against demons. So I thought the show would be like that so I gave it a go. And I really loved it. It is full of jumpscares though which I hate, but they’re kind of predictable when you listen to the soundtrack and see the camera shots, so I can hide easily (yes I really am that pathetic.) The show is really funny and rude yet still grips you and makes you tense. The show is led by two strong female characters and the demons are pretty believable too. I very much think you should give it a go!

The next one won’t be that surprising either. Planet Earth II is on BBC1 at the moment, and as someone who loves a good nature documentary you can imagine my delight at this being on. Attenborough is a legend and the animal stories are all fascinating and gripping. It’s also incredibly filmic. Amongst all the misery in 2016, these animals and that wonderful man do make things seem okay again.

The next show is QI. The latest N series of QI has been out on BBC1 for a while now, but I’ve only recently caught up with it. Sandi Toksvig hosts it brilliantly, which I’m sure was unexpected amongst some fans who were furious at Stephen Fry leaving the show. The series has had some excellent guests which always helps too. And as usual it really has been quite interesting (do you see what I did there…)

My final show is the Channel 5 series NCIS: Los Angeles. As you know, I love a murder mystery/crime drama, so it’s been so nice to watch another series of it. I think the UK, or at least Channel 5, are behind in terms of series, I’m only on 3 and I imagine there are 12 or something. But I love the characters in the show. Hetty is the greatest woman ever and is tiny and sassy and basically my role model in life. And the rest of the cast are pretty great as well, (may or may not have a crush on Eric) if you want to start a new CSI type show, then I do think this one is a great choice!




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