I feel like, most children have various jobs they want to do when they “grow up” and these can be the most random things, and sometimes not what you end up doing. So I thought it would be interesting to share what my job goals were for young me. Let me know yours as well!

  1. I used to want to be a vet. I loved animals, but growing up I hadn’t been told of the vast years of education and training that go into training to be a vet. I just imagined you’d walk into a vets, and ask to become one. How wrong I was. I also didn’t consider the mental strength a vet would need. So although my love for animals is still there, I’m too emotional/scared of needles to do anything for them.
  2. On a similar note, I was very much inspired by watching “Roar” on CBBC (who remembers that!?) and decided I needed to become a zoo keeper… that was until I realised it was pretty laborious and I was too weak for that.
  3. An author. I loved writing stories, I still do I just struggle to find the time these days. I never actually finished writing any of my “books” I always got distracted with new ideas and just basically spent my time writing blurbs. I’m also very doubtful of my writing ability and even as a child I was pretty confident I wasn’t the next Louise Rennison.
  4. An estate agent. Through watching Location, Location, Location in my teen years I loved being nosey and looking in peoples houses. I was dead set on this idea too. Until I told my mum and she informed me that “no one likes estate agents” so I would be hated by everyone. So I quickly removed that from my brain.
  5. TV Runner. This is the lowest job in the TV industry. The bottom of the ladder. But, aged 16, I thought it sounded like fun. Until I found out the work wasn’t regular or well paid and I fell into a pit of “help me I’ll never afford anything and I’ll be homeless what do I do.”

Then it got to the point of choosing degrees and with no inspiration for any career paths other than enjoying media things and liking my Communication and Culture A level I went for a Communication and Media degree and finally at the middle of second year a career brainwave hit me. I wanted to work in radio. Let’s see how this pans out.



Ten points if the title made you sing this:







2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. Seems like you picked up most of your ideas from watching TV just like I did.
    I wanted to become a lawyer from watching Ally McBeal with my mum. Growing up to be an astronaut was another thing – I always loved sci-fi shows, hehe. Quite contrary to that, I also thought it would be nice to be a dancer, which might have something to do with all the Ballett lessons I had and all the dance related films and shows I’ve seen. Then, a little later, I wanted to be a forensic scientist due to loving The X Files. Oh and at one point I wanted to become an actor because I thought then I could be all of these at once… Well, look at me know, I haven’t become one of those.
    But being a magazine journalist isn’t too bad either 😄

    And no, I didn’t study physics because of The Big Bang Theory – I started watching that after enrolling at uni 😉

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