So another year has flown by, and by flown I really do mean FLOWN. 2016 has really gone far too quickly…
As is a tradition on my blog, this post is a little reflective post on my 2016. These may be my favourite posts to do, it’s always nice to see what you’ve achieved, filtered down onto one page.

So 2016 was a mixed year for us all I think. We’ve had a shoddy year of politics, a stupidly sad number of celebrities dying, and a disgusting war situation in Syria. If someone had told me this time last year that all of those things would happen in the space of 12 months I’d have told them to piss off. But no, here we are. But we’ve made it.

I guess if I ignore all those things (and uni, as once again my average grades are nothing to be proud of), my 2016 has been one of the best years of my life:

I’ve been able to hang out with some internet friends a load of times. And finally got to meet another one. Meeting Lauren for the first time was truly lovely. I’ll never forget us having a massive hug as I got off the bus and saw her for the first time (it was literally like we were in a film). Meeting her has also meant I’ve been to somewhere I’ve never been before. Norwich.

Talking of Norwich, 2016 was the year of my uni placement, which was a lovely little radio station in Norwich. I was so, so worried about this. For many reasons, the distance from home, the world of work, whether I was any good, the money side of things. But the three months at that station were truly magical. I had so much fun. I learnt a lot, and for the first time in my years of education I actually felt like I was welcomed by everyone. As cringe as it sounds, I felt like I fitted in.

Back to friends. I got to see a lot of them. And that makes me very happy. I hope 2017 is just as kind to me.



Then there are the gigs. Well, I went to quite a few. I was so, so lucky I got to meet a few of my favourite people…

As usual, Michael (McIntyre) was as chatty and kind as ever. I’d not met Russell (Howard)since the start of 2014, so meeting him twice this year was so nice. Then there was Jon (Richardson), who is incredibly sweet. Josh (Widdicombe), who I think I slightly scared but we’ll gloss over that. Scott (Mills), who I’ve wanted to meet for four years and didn’t disapoint. And Chris (Stark) and Greg (James) who were as lovely as they were two years ago, it was very much a lovely reunion. I’ll never get over how lucky I am to see all these people, if you’d have told 16 year old me I’d have met these people, multiple times, by the time I was 20, I’d have told you to stop lying to me. I’m very excited to see what 2017 brings, I’ve already got a couple of gigs at the start of January so, who knows what the following 11 months will bring.

And this year was the year I started my third and final year of uni. I’m so excited to get uni finished, but also petrified I’ll leave with an average, pointless degree. So far I’ve had one deadline, but January is approaching with a few more, so who knows what that’ll result in.

I hope your 2016 was good. Even if the majority was pretty crappy, there’s always something positive in there somewhere.

Thank you SO much for reading, following, liking my blog this year too. Keeping up with posting every week (*nearly, like this week is a tad late sorry!) has been tricky, but I hope you’ve liked what I’ve done. I’ll be taking next week off blog writing (uni work will be happening, and, well, next Monday is technically a bank holiday) so I hope you all have a very lovely Christmas (and if you don’t celebrate it, a lovely week), and a very happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2016

  1. Hello lovely Katherine,
    I’m very glad you had a great year, reading things like this makes me happy. I hope your 2017 will be at least as good as your 2016. And let’s hope our 2017 will be better than our 2016.
    I’m looking forward to what will Ben on your blog next year. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on a lot of things 😬
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Julia x
    P.S.: I reflected the year a little bit differently and definitely more depressing, but if you still would like to read it, you can find it

    1. Aw thank you Julia, you’re a wonder!
      I really hope your 2017 is lovely, and who knows maybe we’ll see each other?! I love your comments, you’re one of the reasons why I enjoy posting. As for your open letter, well it was pretty amazing! Inspiring and meaningful. I loved it!
      Have a lovely Christmas,
      Katherine x

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