Sleepless Nights

We sleep for 1/3 of our lives, yet for most people, at some point in their lives struggle with it, and I think the struggling time for me is now. As if 2017 wasn’t bad enough, I’m unable to sleep properly. THANKS WORLD!

I don’t know what has caused it, I’m not that stressed about anything, and my anxiety hasn’t been any worse that normal. But I find myself unable to fall asleep, waking up during the night, and then not having the energy to get out of bed in the morning.

So I am embarking on a little experiment. I am going to start a new evening routine. Instead of staying up watching things on my laptop, then getting in bed to watch things on my phone. I’m going to do a no screen policy after 10:30 (afer 10 would be good, but may be a struggle). I’ve set tomorrows alarm in advance, and instead of screens in bed I’m going to read. When I struggled to sleep in halls, I watched ASMR in bed and I would fall alseep to it. For some reason now, I can’t do that anymore, I kind of watch it as if it’s the TV and not a calming aid. Although some people can fall asleep to TV or radio, I am sadly not one. It’s a well known fact that screens before bed aren’t the best, they strain your eyes (god knows how people cope with screens at full brightness, I struggle on the lowest) and they increase brain activity. I am also not going to eat after 9pm. I’ve tried this before but I am a prolific snacker and it was very challenging. In terms of book for reading, I’ve gone for childrens books. Now before you all think I’m weird my logic is that they’ll be easy reads and won’t be so gripping I’ll end up staying up till 2am trying to get to the end of a good bit. Stop judging me.

So I am testing this new regime out, in the hope that I can maybe help one of you in fixing your sleepless nights. I shall do a review post next week. ‘Till then, goodnight!



Womens March

Last week was a turning point. Millions of people, both men and women marched to show solidarity, belief and hope in light of recent political events.

I’m not one to get political, but seeing all the photos and videos from the march on Saturday genuinely made me all kinds of emotional. The march was a turning point for this era, and I’m pretty confident it will be written about in textbooks for years to come. I’ve never paid much attention to protests, but to see those pictures of thousnds of people walking together showing the world that, yes, there are people who care and want to make a change, filled me with pride. Although I wasn’t there, it felt like I was a part of the event. The banners and posters were creative and deeply honest. The diversity of people there was incredible, although it was named the womens march, I like to think it was the human being march. Humans marching for the good of other humans. It was bloody great.


It does seem a shame though, that we’re still marching for basic human rights and equality. Why is it taking this long?! I can’t understand why there are still people out there who think women are worth less, who think being anything other than straight makes you worth less, or just not being white makes you worth less. But there is a positive. The future generation, our generation, those who marched, are the positive. We can and we will end up with a society we can be proud of, even if we have to deal with the likes of Trump, Farage and Piers Morgan first.

The Oldies are the Best

As a Radio 1 lover you’d be forgiven for thinking I only liked new music, however, I am a massive fan of older music, the oldies. So I thought for todays post I would share some of my favourite songs from decades gone by.


I’d completely forgotten this song existed, then a friend reminded me and now I am obsessed once again. Billy Joel is such a talented man, and this song is the most uplifting song I have heard, try and be sad listening to this, it’s not possible. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIIIIIIGHT.

Kate Bush has such a unique voice, anyone would recognise it. I think that’s why this next one is a pretty divisive song, even in your own mind, some days you might love it, others you might hate it. But lately this is my shower jam. The perfect song to sway your arms to, try it now.


It’s no secret that I bloody love Elton John, and when choosing which of his songs to put in this post, I struggled greatly, however I decided to go for Rocket Man, because it’s slightly more poetic than crocodile rock, which I would happily shout for hours. This is just really nice. I also love Elton because my dad loves him too, so it reminds me of our car journeys blasting his hits. The little things in life.


This song doesn’t need any explanation I don’t think, it’s just a great feel good banger.


Again, the old songs are just the most uplifting songs, as much as I love new music, none of it is as uplifting as these songs are. This one is called “come on Eileen” which is the best name ever, and is just one of my favourite songs of all time.

I could go on and on and on about old music, I haven’t even scratched the surface with the bangers from the past. But I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve shared today. Let me know your favourite oldies!



The Gig Weekend

Hello, welcome back to my blog. It’s my first post of the year *cute fanfare* and I thought I’d start it with a little fun post about my rather lovely long weekend.

This Sunday I was able to see Jack Whitehall live, a comedian I’ve been a fan of for a few years now, but one I’ve never been able to see live, until this very weekend. Jack did three shows in Bournemouth, and after much deliberation, I got a ticket to see his matinee performance. I’ve never been to a matinee show before, let alone a comedy one, and the fact I went inside the venue while it was (relatively) light outside was a bit odd. Nevertheless, the atmosphere inside was still the same as a normal 8pm show, if anything, it was a smaller crowd and felt a little more exlusive. Jack wasn’t the only comedian we saw, he had a great warm up on called Lloyd Griffith who both told jokes and sang. Then, when he’d done his set the lighting went dark, and Jack’s tour intro video played. I need to tell you how much I loved that video. I don’t want to spoil it, but you will see some familiar faces, and hear some great music. I shall say no more. On the subject of media, alongside his jokes, he shows photos to go along with them. I’ve never seen anyone do this, so this alone was very exciting. All in all I really enjoyed his set, his jokes were more divisive than I imagined, but at no point crossed the line (in my opinion). Then after a long time (and I do mean long) he’d finished his second show of the day, his third and final show overall, and I was able to meet him. The poor guy seemed overwhelmed at the slight,um, mob situation (I hasten to add I wasn’t part of the running or mobbing, I’m very against that behaviour but that’s a rant for another day) he also looked tired and was actually quite quiet, but he still took the time to have a picture with everyone and sign everyones tickets, so good on him. I do want to try and meet him again someday, to try and catch him in a more calm scenario.

Then on the Monday (which isn’t the weekend but feels like it) I made the journey to London and saw, yep you guessed it, Michael McIntyre. This time I met up with a uni friend who’d never been to one of his shows before, so I felt like the pressure was on. Meeting Michael was, as usual, a pleasure and I think it was one of my favourite times with him, we hugged and chatted for what felt like ages, it just felt like I could be myself with him, it made everything a little bit better. I’m so grateful for these opportunities with him (sorry I’ll stop with the cringe now). In terms of material there isn’t much to say, not because he didn’t have any material, despite his claims of “not having any jokes” he had loads, there isn’t much to say because it was just as funny, and enjoyable as every other time I’ve been lucky enough to see him. The man really knows his stuff.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year! Oh and as always, feel free to send me ideas about posts you’d like me to do.