As a Radio 1 lover you’d be forgiven for thinking I only liked new music, however, I am a massive fan of older music, the oldies. So I thought for todays post I would share some of my favourite songs from decades gone by.


I’d completely forgotten this song existed, then a friend reminded me and now I am obsessed once again. Billy Joel is such a talented man, and this song is the most uplifting song I have heard, try and be sad listening to this, it’s not possible. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIIIIIIGHT.

Kate Bush has such a unique voice, anyone would recognise it. I think that’s why this next one is a pretty divisive song, even in your own mind, some days you might love it, others you might hate it. But lately this is my shower jam. The perfect song to sway your arms to, try it now.


It’s no secret that I bloody love Elton John, and when choosing which of his songs to put in this post, I struggled greatly, however I decided to go for Rocket Man, because it’s slightly more poetic than crocodile rock, which I would happily shout for hours. This is just really nice. I also love Elton because my dad loves him too, so it reminds me of our car journeys blasting his hits. The little things in life.


This song doesn’t need any explanation I don’t think, it’s just a great feel good banger.


Again, the old songs are just the most uplifting songs, as much as I love new music, none of it is as uplifting as these songs are. This one is called “come on Eileen” which is the best name ever, and is just one of my favourite songs of all time.

I could go on and on and on about old music, I haven’t even scratched the surface with the bangers from the past. But I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve shared today. Let me know your favourite oldies!




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