Print VS online media

Recently a well-known vlogger was attacked by a newspaper for apparently causing declining literacy amongst teenagers. Before even reading it you can tell what sort of article this would be. I bravely clicked the link and couldn’t help but snort laughing at the writing. I daren’t even call it journalism. The article was full of inaccuracies, mis-quotes and clickbait.


I just thought I would do a little post sharing my thoughts on why both the online and print media should just bloody get along.

Both print and online media have a place in society today. Growing up I fondly remember walking to the paper shop with my dad and brother on a Sunday morning to get my dads weekly paper. This was before the age of computers and smartphones. But I also fondly remember being 15 and discovering the YouTube world, feeling like I’d found a secret place that could entertain me if nothing was on TV or if I was feeling down. Now times have changed, the paper shop has become housing, and YouTube is no longer a secret. It’s become a phenomenon creeping more and more into other “real” parts of the world, other media outlets.

As weird as this feels (I do miss the days when a million subscribers was a rare shock), it’s how times are changing, it doesn’t mean at any given opportunity respectable papers should write hate-filled articles based on lies. But at the same time, print media should be recognised as an important platform, yes, the statistics show newspapers and magazines are being consumed more online than bought in shops (trust ne, I’ve had a lot of uni lectures on this, I could cite many sources, but I won’t bore you) but print media shouldn’t feel threatened. Where else do people get their current affairs from? I personally find The Guardian and the BBC good places to go. I don’t turn to YouTube to find out who’s said what to who in the House of Lords. It doesn’t make YouTube less important to people, it’s a form of entertainment, and should be respected. I think if you are going to write an article on a YouTuber you should at least have some knowledge of how important that platform is for millions of people. It may appear trivial at first glance, but when you realise how the personalities make their audience feel, the trivial nature fades away.

I feel as though I’ve rambled on incoherently, but my basic opinion on this is as follows:
both the online world and the print world are merging and if the print media can’t learn to accept this, then it really isn’t doing itself any favours at all. Live and let live.



Motivation and Uni

Staying motivated at uni (or indeed at any point in education) is no easy task, there’s all the deadlines and the constant pressure to do better than everyone else, the fear of failure, and the thoughts about the future. However staying motivated is important, when you start losing the will to carry on it’s when things start to go wrong, trust me, I’ve been there.  I thought I would share a few tips and tricks to staying on task and motivated:

  1. Time flies
    I know you might not want to hear this when it comes to deadlines, but when you can’t really be arsed with your degree you need to remember uni flies by. It feels like my three whole years have gone by in just one. When you think about how far you’ve come and how quickly that went you’ll realise it’ll be over before you know it.
  2. ASAP
    I always start work as soon as possible, I really believe the sooner you start the sooner you can finish.
  3. Notes
    However it’s never easy starting an essay, especially when you hate the topic. If you just start with some note taking, about anything you think might be relevant, you’ll be surprised how much of it you can naturally form into longer sentences and paragrpahs, before you know it you’ll have an essay.
  4. Pre-deadlines
    Set your deadline a day or two before the actual deadline, then you can guarantee you’ll finish in time which means less stress for you at the end.
  5. Plan ahead
    Schedule in when you want to tackle your assignments, there’s always a way to stop yourself from writing two essays at once. So, for example, I have a deadline on the 2nd of April, and I’ve schduled March to be the time of writing. My May deadline is to be written over the Easter holidays. Etc.
  6. You are doing FINE
    I think the person who is judging you the most is you, degrees aren’t meant to be easy (or fun I’d argue) but the fact you managed to get onto the degree shows you have potential. Even if you think your grades say otherwise, and that they’ll never get better, they can and they will.
  7. Treat yoruself
    I spoke to my grandma on the phone today and she said something that resonated with me, “if you don’t treat yourself no-one else will” and I think this is so important. You should reward yourself after all your achievements. Made a good start on an essay? Treat. Handed in an assignment a day early? Treat. Got a first in a presentation? Treat. Even if you think there’s no free time for it. You can make time.

Mental VS physical health

Even though it’s 2017, we’re still at the stage where physical health problems are taken more seriously than mental ones.

I annoyingly have both, and have noticed such a difference in how they’re treated. Take my anxiety. If I mention that I’m feeling/ I’ve felt anxious, (some) people respond with “oh why?” as if they don’t believe it’s possible to feel anxious in a certain situation. These people won’t ask if you’re okay or how they can help. They’ll just want to know the reasons behind it. Sort of a prove it or get over it situation. And most of the time you might not even be sure of the reasons yourself, let alone want to go into the details of your “flawed” way of thinking. But you don’t always have to explain the reasons behind your physical health. Sure if you’ve broken your leg people might want to know how it happened. But no one asks for explanatory proof.

Below is a picture of my hands taken last week. I believe I have something called dermatitis, and as we speak it’s almost cleared up. I have it on several places, each varying in intensity, however my hands are where it’s at its worst. It comes and goes in a cycle and last week it was at it’s worst. It can stop me bending my fingers, it gets itchy at night which keeps me awake, it feels very drying, and it’s just not very attractive.


I’m not writing this for sympathy, I just feel like there should be an equal respect and understanding for both mental health and physical health. A person cannot help if they think of things in a certain way, or have certain problems with their bodies. I think if you know somebody with something wrong, whatever it is, it’s your duty to be respectful. It’s sad to see people out there who are so full of doubt or judgement.

Clothes Woes

Is anyone else incredibly uninspired by what’s considered fashion these days? I’m not sure if it’s just me being unadventurous or boring, but I literally don’t like anything. I mean my main gripe is all that bloody cheap velvet which makes my skin crawl. I actually cannot touch it without feeling disgusted. It’s my nails on a blackboard.

I’m not claiming to be a fashion expert, I know I am for sure not one. But I’m so done with comments about women having to wear heels to be feminine, and feeling judged by everyone for choosing to wear clothes I like and that are comfy. Take what I’m wearing as I write this. I’m wearing a mens jumper in a size small and it’s so much warmer and baggier and comfier than any jumper I own from the womens section. I honestly cannot recommend mens jumpers and t-shirts enough if you need some pyjamas or just baggy comfy clothes. Who cares that they might look too big I LIKE THEM IS THAT NOT OKAY? Also, being someone who doesn’t wear makeup 95% of the time is apparently a bad thing too. I am shocked to see people think girls who don’t wear it only don’t wear it to be lazy, which means in a professional environment you’re lazy and unreliable. How vile is that assumption?! Just because I haven’t spent 30 minutes putting foundation and eyeliner on, it doesn’t mean my work is less valid. It’s equally as good.

It makes me so sad to think that there are people out there feeling uncomfortable in clothes they think they have to wear, or giving themselves blisters in uncomfortable shoes. You have the right to wear what you like and feel confident, comfortble and happy in. Who cares whether it’s fashionable or not, just go for it.