Is anyone else incredibly uninspired by what’s considered fashion these days? I’m not sure if it’s just me being unadventurous or boring, but I literally don’t like anything. I mean my main gripe is all that bloody cheap velvet which makes my skin crawl. I actually cannot touch it without feeling disgusted. It’s my nails on a blackboard.

I’m not claiming to be a fashion expert, I know I am for sure not one. But I’m so done with comments about women having to wear heels to be feminine, and feeling judged by everyone for choosing to wear clothes I like and that are comfy. Take what I’m wearing as I write this. I’m wearing a mens jumper in a size small and it’s so much warmer and baggier and comfier than any jumper I own from the womens section. I honestly cannot recommend mens jumpers and t-shirts enough if you need some pyjamas or just baggy comfy clothes. Who cares that they might look too big I LIKE THEM IS THAT NOT OKAY? Also, being someone who doesn’t wear makeup 95% of the time is apparently a bad thing too. I am shocked to see people think girls who don’t wear it only don’t wear it to be lazy, which means in a professional environment you’re lazy and unreliable. How vile is that assumption?! Just because I haven’t spent 30 minutes putting foundation and eyeliner on, it doesn’t mean my work is less valid. It’s equally as good.

It makes me so sad to think that there are people out there feeling uncomfortable in clothes they think they have to wear, or giving themselves blisters in uncomfortable shoes. You have the right to wear what you like and feel confident, comfortble and happy in. Who cares whether it’s fashionable or not, just go for it.




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