Even though it’s 2017, we’re still at the stage where physical health problems are taken more seriously than mental ones.

I annoyingly have both, and have noticed such a difference in how they’re treated. Take my anxiety. If I mention that I’m feeling/ I’ve felt anxious, (some) people respond with “oh why?” as if they don’t believe it’s possible to feel anxious in a certain situation. These people won’t ask if you’re okay or how they can help. They’ll just want to know the reasons behind it. Sort of a prove it or get over it situation. And most of the time you might not even be sure of the reasons yourself, let alone want to go into the details of your “flawed” way of thinking. But you don’t always have to explain the reasons behind your physical health. Sure if you’ve broken your leg people might want to know how it happened. But no one asks for explanatory proof.

Below is a picture of my hands taken last week. I believe I have something called dermatitis, and as we speak it’s almost cleared up. I have it on several places, each varying in intensity, however my hands are where it’s at its worst. It comes and goes in a cycle and last week it was at it’s worst. It can stop me bending my fingers, it gets itchy at night which keeps me awake, it feels very drying, and it’s just not very attractive.


I’m not writing this for sympathy, I just feel like there should be an equal respect and understanding for both mental health and physical health. A person cannot help if they think of things in a certain way, or have certain problems with their bodies. I think if you know somebody with something wrong, whatever it is, it’s your duty to be respectful. It’s sad to see people out there who are so full of doubt or judgement.


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