Recently a well-known vlogger was attacked by a newspaper for apparently causing declining literacy amongst teenagers. Before even reading it you can tell what sort of article this would be. I bravely clicked the link and couldn’t help but snort laughing at the writing. I daren’t even call it journalism. The article was full of inaccuracies, mis-quotes and clickbait.


I just thought I would do a little post sharing my thoughts on why both the online and print media should just bloody get along.

Both print and online media have a place in society today. Growing up I fondly remember walking to the paper shop with my dad and brother on a Sunday morning to get my dads weekly paper. This was before the age of computers and smartphones. But I also fondly remember being 15 and discovering the YouTube world, feeling like I’d found a secret place that could entertain me if nothing was on TV or if I was feeling down. Now times have changed, the paper shop has become housing, and YouTube is no longer a secret. It’s become a phenomenon creeping more and more into other “real” parts of the world, other media outlets.

As weird as this feels (I do miss the days when a million subscribers was a rare shock), it’s how times are changing, it doesn’t mean at any given opportunity respectable papers should write hate-filled articles based on lies. But at the same time, print media should be recognised as an important platform, yes, the statistics show newspapers and magazines are being consumed more online than bought in shops (trust ne, I’ve had a lot of uni lectures on this, I could cite many sources, but I won’t bore you) but print media shouldn’t feel threatened. Where else do people get their current affairs from? I personally find The Guardian and the BBC good places to go. I don’t turn to YouTube to find out who’s said what to who in the House of Lords. It doesn’t make YouTube less important to people, it’s a form of entertainment, and should be respected. I think if you are going to write an article on a YouTuber you should at least have some knowledge of how important that platform is for millions of people. It may appear trivial at first glance, but when you realise how the personalities make their audience feel, the trivial nature fades away.

I feel as though I’ve rambled on incoherently, but my basic opinion on this is as follows:
both the online world and the print world are merging and if the print media can’t learn to accept this, then it really isn’t doing itself any favours at all. Live and let live.



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