This isn’t my usual style of blog post, but I have to admit, Mother’s Day is one of my favourite “holidays.” I feel like mums are just really easy to buy for. However if you don’t find it that easy then hopefully this will give you some ideas for this Sunday (unless you don’t live in the UK, in which case this may be pointless)

  • Flowers: This sounds very cliche, but mums do love flowers. Whether it’s a bunch of roses or a potted plant, you can’t really go too far wrong (unless your mum has hayfever problems, maybe avoid the flowers…)
  • Hands and feet: before you raise your eyebrows, I mean creams. Mum’s, for some reason, love to have soft hands and feet. I recommend L’Occitane and Lush as they have a good range of scents and prices,  as well as the perks of a “designer brand name.”
  • Shower gels: On the subject of bodies (this sounds weird), in general, shower products and moisturisers are a go-to present for women. As annoying as some people find it, I adore getting these products, I own enough products to start my own Boots.
  • Baking: I love baking, and for most occasions I’ll bake something. I did the dessert for Christmas day, I made my dads birthday cake (which, amazingly, he loved so much it was requested to be the Christmas day pudding,) and I make my mum something on Mother’s Day. This year is no exception. I’m planning on making salted caramel florentines for her. But whatever your mum enjoys, you should make for her.
  • Cream tea: on the topic of food, if you have a bit more money to spend, why not treat your mum to an afternoon tea somewhere, maybe in a rural village you’ve never been to before, as if it’s a road-trip. Who doesn’t like cream tea?!
  • Shopping: of course, if you have the money, and your mum needs a new handbag/has a favourite wine she hasn’t had for ages/likes posh necklaces, you could always treat her to a shopping spree.

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