I thought this week I would share with you some useless yet hopefully interesting facts about me, if you want to share some things about you with me, then feel free to!

  1. I’m a bad sleeper:
    I move around a lot in my sleep, and on more than one occasion I have woken myself up by turning and violently headbutting the wall.
  2. Spelling:
    I’m generally a good speller, for some reason however, there are certain basic words that I can never spell right the first time, such as peice or piece, legnth or length, occasion or occassion (the keen eyed amongst you will notice how I have used that word above, and you will have presumed correctly that I did Google the spelling)
  3. Swimming:
    At this moment in time I cannot swim, and in fact am terrified of swimming, I get so worried when I see people going underwater. However, I actually used to be able to swim. As a young child I had swimming lessons with my primary school, however somehow forgot how to do it. Even now I have too little confidence to learn.
  4. Book worm:
    I am obsessed with books and writing, and very often imagine what my future bookshelf will look like. For example, I am going to have a shelf specifically for alphabetised and chronological comedy DVDS, and one for my favourite childhood books.
  5. Flat feet:
    I have pretty flat feet, so when I wear shoes, no matter how small the heel is, the height of the heel is added onto my height, meaning I look taller than I am. When my friends and I measured our heights recently (what an evening I hear you cry) they were all surprised at my “real height” when I took off my shoes.

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