With another election looming for us Brits, it’s important to know how to choose who to vote for. This election is set to be a dramatic change to our lives and we deserve a say in what should happen. So here are a few tips on knowing who to vote for:

  1. Register.
    The most important thing to do pre-election. If you’re eligible, please do register
  2. You matter.
    It’s easy to think “oh I won’t vote, loads of people will” or “what difference will I make”12 million people thought the same in the last election. That’s insane and huge. Remember it’s your right to have your say.
  3. Study.
    This isn’t a fun word, but it’s an important one. Make sure you look at each party and politician carefully, listen to arguments, read their Twitter profiles, watch the debates. Make sure you have the confidence that you understand what they’re offering. It’s so easy to see one photo or one slogan or one bus *cough* and think that’s the be all and end all.  Politics is a messy and scary industry, and it’s easy to be misinformed.
  4. You
    This is your vote, not your mum’s or dad’s or friend’s. If someone’s a hardcore Tory, a lifelong Labour or a UKIP “for the lols” voter, don’t think that you have to follow in their footsteps. It’s up to you to decide what you agree with, what issues are close to your heart, and what you want the future of the country to look like, No one elses.

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