The Healing Power of Music

It’s been over a week since the horrific and senseless Manchester Attack, and today Ariana Grande announced a gig in memory of the attack.

The attack itself made me cry, and seeing this news made me cry again. Thankfully, in a good way.

Over the last week I have come to realise just how powerful music is. In the past I’ve done blog posts on how important going to gigs is, and I still stand by this. In fact, the horrific attack made me believe in it even more.  At first it worried me to think people would be put off for going to gigs, but I now know that us fans are strong and brave, and won’t be put off seeing our favourite live.

The thing that made me realise this the most, was the sheer number of tributes, positivity and connectivity then came from this attack. People were helping other people. And in this day and age this doesn’t seem to happen very often. There were taxi drivers giving free taxi rides, men and women giving free drinks to the emergency services, people online giving their support and donations, people meeting up for vigils. Then there were the tributes bands and artists gave at their gigs, resulting in thousands of people singing Oasis, clapping or standing in silence together, the sheer power of this was incredible, genuinely giving me goosebumps every single time I’d see it.

It really shows how a shared love of music just brings people together, no matter who you are, if you’re with people who like the same music as you you feel as though anything is possible.

Was this too cheesy? Probably.


Top 5 Songs of the Moment



YES we’re back on my normal upload day, I’d like to apologise for being so out of schedule recently, I was working on two assignments totaling 15,000 words so I was basically crying all the time.

Now, I am back in business and ready to share some of my current shower jams with you all. I hope you enjoy:


My first song is a classic from Scouting for Girls: She’s So Lovely. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this song. It’s upbeat and is perfect to clap/dance/sing/play air instrument along to (or all four at once depending on how big your shower is.)



My next one is a bit more current. Paramore have been favourites of mine for a while, and I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard the opening 10 seconds. It’s quite a sad song, packaged in a happy 80’s vibe. The music video is really well put together, with loads of satisfying colours and patterns. And clouds. Cannot forget those clouds. Also Hayley Williams looks so adorable in this.



The next is another current song that I first discovered on Radio 1 (surprise, surprise.) Sigrid’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is similar to Paramore’s song in the sense that it’s a pretty sad song, in a happy package. It’s a relatable song that has multiple interpretations, whether it’s about an ex or an old friend, you could probably find something in your life that relates to the lyrics.



The music video for the next song does what the title would suggest. It’s all about washing. However the lyrics to Dirty Laundry are less trivial. I am obsessed with the backing track to this song- it is just so catchy. I think it’s impossible to not sing along to the “ooh’s” after the “you” in the chorus.


And finally, a song I had completely forgotten about ’till just last week. And since then I have listened to it approximately 208 times. Of course, the lyrics are problematic, but if you gloss over the misogyny and the bizarre carrot reference, it’s just a great pop song with such a well-known beat, I guarantee you’ll recognise it.

Talking to Myself

I’m just going to get this over with as soon as possible.

I talk to myself.

Before you all start phoning a psychiatrist I just want to clarify this isn’t me muttering disturbing poems or chanting. I’m literally just talking things through to myself. I hope I am not the only one who does this. Let me explain in more detail.

I love planning my day and doing lists in my head, however I also find it very handy to say these outloud to myself as I get ready in the morning. So I’ll be walking round my house or brushing my hair telling myself the plan for the day. As someone who spends quite a lot of time by themselves, talking aloud just gives me a chance to talk in general, if I’m thinking about something I have found interesting or annoying I’ll discuss these outloud, with myself. This has the added benefit of not having to talk to somebody who disagrees with you. I’ve also started to catch myself doing this outside, which can be problematic, especially when walking down a busy road. And then there’s just the standard singing and laughing along to the radio or to a podcast, which I grant you can look weird, but having over-ear headphones kind of helps this as it makes it a little clearer to other people that I’m not just laughing to myself as I walk down a road. At least I hope it does.

Please let me know if this is normal. Please.

The End of an Era

In one months time I will have finished being in education. Completely done. I don’t know if anyone else has gone through this/is going through this, but I for one cannot get my head around the fact that over a decade of my life has been spent in education and now it’s drawing to a close.

From being in education for so long, I’m not really sure what to expect with suddenly having no homework and to going into full time employment. I mean, I’ve had full time employment before, when I did my placement, but it was only short-term and at the end of the day, it was just a placement, I was going into education when I’d finished. So, I am basically in an existential crisis, stuck between “yay freedom and happiness and mental wellbeing” and a fear of societal pressure and the potential of remaining unemployed for all of time.

I’m sure this feeling is something we all, well, feel, and I think the lack of solid careers advice doesn’t help matters. As young school children we’re encouraged to go to uni, given one careers meeting where they talk about the imporance of having a good CV without telling you what this is, then they say bye and you’re off on your merry way into a physics lesson. There’s no help with anything and it’s scary. Especially if you don’t have any future plans at all. I mean, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a job at all during school, despite the people around me being confident in their dreams of working with children or as a doctor, I had nothing.  I flitted between loads of different ideas, but nothing felt right.

Luckily now I have a career goal in mind, but the path isn’t going to be a straight jolly walk. I am expecting a full blown hike through dense undergrowth with cobwebs and spiders lurking. And that’s just the job hunting process. But I am confident that I have the skills to make it to the end of the march, after all, I do love my countryside hikes.

So what has uni taught me?

Well, I now know what a panic attack feels like. An odd lesson I grant you, but it’s given me the chance to actually understand mental health problems so much more. It’s given me the chance to practice my speed writing thanks to those times in lectures where the slide is about to change yet there are still lines left that I haven’t copied down. It’s given me the chance to learn exciting and fascinating theories behind things like, fan culture, interpersonal communication and gender roles in advertising. It’s taught me that I love coach journeys, I’ve been able to travel all around the UK during my three years thanks to the loan and kind timetabling. I’m stronger mentally than I ever imagined, being able to juggle three, four, five assignments, mental health, food shopping and trying to stay social all at the same time. I suppose it’s given me more time, three more years of figuring myself out.

And now it’s drawing to a close. So I suppose it’s a thank you and goodbye university.
Thank you, and goodbye x