It’s been over a week since the horrific and senseless Manchester Attack, and today Ariana Grande announced a gig in memory of the attack.

The attack itself made me cry, and seeing this news made me cry again. Thankfully, in a good way.

Over the last week I have come to realise just how powerful music is. In the past I’ve done blog posts on how important going to gigs is, and I still stand by this. In fact, the horrific attack made me believe in it even more.  At first it worried me to think people would be put off for going to gigs, but I now know that us fans are strong and brave, and won’t be put off seeing our favourite live.

The thing that made me realise this the most, was the sheer number of tributes, positivity and connectivity then came from this attack. People were helping other people. And in this day and age this doesn’t seem to happen very often. There were taxi drivers giving free taxi rides, men and women giving free drinks to the emergency services, people online giving their support and donations, people meeting up for vigils. Then there were the tributes bands and artists gave at their gigs, resulting in thousands of people singing Oasis, clapping or standing in silence together, the sheer power of this was incredible, genuinely giving me goosebumps every single time I’d see it.

It really shows how a shared love of music just brings people together, no matter who you are, if you’re with people who like the same music as you you feel as though anything is possible.

Was this too cheesy? Probably.


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