I am starting a new series on my blog (cue fanfare) entitled “how to survive.” In which I give you some advice* on how to cope with certain situations. Today the topic is heat, because once again the temperature in the UK is above 22 degrees. So we aren’t coping.


If you’re in need of some heatwave tips, then you’re in luck, here is my list on how to survive a heatwave.

  1. Do not, and I repeat do NOT go on a hike or a run, unless you’re willing to come home looking like you’ve been in the shower.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fight for the shady spot. That’s right, that all important shady spot that all British people compete for. If you see one you like the look of, ignore my last bit of advice and RUN to appropriate it.
  3. Make a hand fan. If you remember the days of folding paper into a fan, then re-enact those days and make one. It works surprisngly well.
  4. If you’re fancy, use an electric fan, but it may or may not be just recycled warm air.
  5. Put water in the fridge, or even better in the freezer, tap water just won’t cut it. I also think it encourages you to drink more.
  6. Cold food is a life saver. Think ice cream, kitkats kept in the fridge.
  7. I know this next one might be horrifying, but hear me out. Opening your windows is actually really worthwhile, as much as this makes me sound old, it does let a nice breeze through.
  8. Avoid black skinny jeans in direct sunlight.



* may or may not work, please don’t sue me


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