I’m writing this post to ask you for some reassurance.

I am so afraid about losing my memories that I hoard all of my memories. I watched a clip of The Land Before Time while I ate breakfast the other day. This is not normal behaviour for 21 year olds. On a similar note, I have a YouTube playlist with clips from TV shows and songs from my childhood that I like to re-watch from time to time just to make sure I don’t forget any of them exist. I have an events countdown app on my phone, and even when the event has been and gone I like to keep the event so I don’t forget the event happened. I’m now counting the days since something happened.

Do any of you do this? Do you have to keep reminding yourself of everything you have ever done or have ever seen? I think I’m doing it due to a fear of becoming ill and losing my memory, especially when it comes to things like gigs. It feels like it’d be such a waste and such a shame for all the amazing things I’ve wanted to do for years and years to suddenly be forgotten.  It feels like I’d be letting 15 year old me down.



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