Familiar Faces

Since my last post, I’ve managed to get a full time job (who’d have thought it.) Due to this job actually giving me a reason to go outside, I’ve seen a lot of people. Disappointing I know, but in a way it’s been eye-opening.

I’ve seen a lot of people I recognise from my past, sometimes they’ve got a really familiar face and it takes me a while to remember their names, and when I say a while I do mean a while, nothing annoys me more than something being on the tip of my tongue but not quite getting to the stage of knowing it. But, not a single one of them has recognised me.

I think this comes from being the shy one in class, the one who was scared of putting their hand up and answering questions, the one who HATED speaking in front of a crowd, I just blended into the background and faded away. And the weird thing is, I don’t mind being unrecognisable. In fact, I prefer it. It means I can watch people, learn new things about them all the time, without them even noticing I exist. I think this sounds sadder than it actually is (I hope I’m not weird) It’s truly amazing what you can notice without saying anything, I’ve seen classmates grow up and they don’t even realise it. It does make you wonder if anyone is doing the same thing to you.

I guess where I’m going with this is that it’s okay not to be remembered, and it’s okay to be observant and it’s definitely okay to not be talkative. So next time you see someone you recognise in Tesco, hide behind the fruit to avoid talking to them, then pop out and see what they’re buying.