Reflecting on 2017

Another year has passed, 2017 has had to follow a tough year in terms of politics and you’ve only got to look at Twitter to see another meme based on what Trump or Theresa May have done, which is both funny yet incredibly sad at the same time.  But enough about that impending doom. As is traditional with my blog, I thought I would do a reflective post on the year.

2017 has been a year of changes, against all odds, I completed my degree, I ended up with a 2:1 which was my ultimate aim so I am very pleased with myself. But do I recommend university? No I don’t, and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it’s overrated.

In September this year I started my first, proper 9-5, full-time job. Not in the industry I want to work in, however I am hoping the experience and the skills I will pick up will ultimately help in achieving this goal. In the last few months I’ve also become a member of the Leadership and Development team at a local community radio station, which is the industry I want to work in, so I am hoping these two things combined will stand me in good stead for my future.

In more personal news, this year I’ve met loads of my internet friends, some for the first time, and it has been a JOY. It’s been a long time since I have spent a day hanging out with a group of people, but this year I managed to spend a day in London with a group of friends and it was a lot of fun. I’ve also been able to see some old uni friends again this year which was lovely, one of which came with me to see Michael McIntyre at the start of this year, which was her first ever comedy gig so it felt quite special to be a part of that.

I’ve also had a very gig filled year, which is amazing. As I’ve spoken about before, gigs are my happy place so getting to go to so many truly makes me smile, and it doesn’t go unappreciated. If anything, I’m now feeling sad that it’s all over. It’s even worse when you don’t know when *insert comedian’s name here* next gig will be.




Thank you SO much for reading, following, liking my blog this year too. Keeping up with posting “weekly” has been tricky as you probably have been able to tell, but I hope you’ve liked what I’ve done. I hope you all had a lovely year, and if it wasn’t so good, I hope there were moments of happiness for you. Have a lovely Christmas, here’s to 2018!


Ticketing Troubles

Today, I need to rant, so please bear with me.

I made the fatal mistake of relying on other people, specifically, the people who run venue websites, when I decided to book tickets, or should I say, TRY TO BOOK TICKETS, for two comedians.

I had left it a little late because I was unsure of my circumstances nearer the time, and as to whether the tours would be extended to venues that were closer to me and/or whether they would announce more dates on more convenient days. So I didn’t want to throw £30 away. However, I was refreshing and checking the websites multiple times a day to check if there were tickets left. When the website confirmed this by saying “book now” and “single seats left” I smiled to myself and continued with my day, silently planning the potential trips.

The day came when I was confident about booking one set of tickets for one comedian, and when I clicked buy, the unthinkable happened, there were no options to book seats.   I was baffled. The website was giving me the option of booking tickets, then I couldn’t book seats. I decided to email the venue and they advised me that the gig had sold out, and that I could be put on the waiting list. I agreed with this and gave my address to them. Then I got a reply asking for my number and how many tickets I wanted. When I said “one” (going to gigs by yourself isn’t actually a bad thing, by the way) my phone rang and I was informed that there were single seats available.

So, the venue had basically lied to me, I get that if you are going with other people, single seats aren’t much use, but the option to book one seat should be disclosed on their website. So, in the end, I paid my £22 on the phone, and I’m now off to the gig! Happy bloody days.

“But, what about the other comedian?” I hear you ask. WELL. This comedian was playing at a bigger venue than the other one. Which would lead one to believe the website would be updated regularly. HAH.

I checked the website, and was greeted with the “Book Now” button. I clicked it and was taken to the booking page. Here it says “only single seats & accessible seats available.” Perfect, I thought to myself, I’ll buy one. I look across the page and see the words “no availability online”


I sent the booking office an email, I get no response. I’m feeling more and more annoyed at this point, so I ring them up. This phone call was not free, and after being on hold for 6 minutes, I was told they had sold out. I then told them that the website said single seats were available so, she checked again, and after three seconds told me that there weren’t any single seats left either.  Brilliant.

So, that’s two separate venues both with official websites, claiming things that were not true. Can someone tell me how this is allowed?! I am not a website developer, nor a coder, so I don’t know much about how a website like that is updated or the timescales of doing so, but, surely, updating their website is a requisite? I know that booking in advance is the best thing to do, but when that’s not possible, you should be able to trust the venue website when it tells you “there are still tickets left, don’t worry about it.”

And don’t get me started on the fact that ticket bots probably got most of the tickets in the first place, just to sell them at an extortionate rate.