2012 me VS 2018 me

The other day I saw a lot of people sharing pictures of the 2012 version of them, with a picture of their 2018 them, to demonstrate how they’ve changed over the last six years (by the way, six years seems ridiculous, how has it been that long). So I thought I would share with you how I’ve changed in the last six years.

In terms of appearance, I havent changed a lot. In fact, I don’t think I’ve changed in the last decade. I’ve kept my hair the same style, mainly because I like the parting I have, but also partly because I hate hair on my face so a fringe would never work as that, by definition is hair on your face. I don’t wear makeup very often so I can’t even act “grown-up” with a flawless face and glowing cheekbones. I think the fact I’m petite also makes me look like I’m 13.

Below, on the left: my year 11 photo. On the right: a photo taken from January this year. Other than the fact the lighting makes me look either orange or like a ghost, I have the same face.






In terms of my personal life, 2012 was the year I got my GCSEs. 2012 was the year I went to sixth form (which I loved). 2012 was the first time I ever went abroad without my parents. 2012 was the first time I had ever stayed away from home for more than one day (without feeling too homesick). 2012 was the year of my first ever gig (Michael McIntyre in Dublin). 2012 was the first time in years I felt settled in a group of friends.

Now in 2018 I have been in full-time employment for six months. In 2018 I ventured to the north of England for the first time. In 2018 I went to Radio 1 for the first time. In 2018 I have been able to meet celebrities 2012 me wanted to meet, but thought would never be able to. In 2018 I have (already) been able to meet up with so many of my friends. In 2018 my confidence levels reached an all time high. The last few years have tested my mental health to the limits of what I thought I could cope with, and although I’m not cured, I am getting better.

So maybe I have changed after all.