Summer Bangers

Summer has offically arrived. For the first time in years, I might actually have a sunny birthday, as opposed to the rain I have become used to.

In light of the weather (pun) I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a playlist of summer songs that sound perfect in the sun. If you have any recommendations, please let me know, I love hearing new music!

The first one is a bit of an obvious one, but I still think it deserves to be included. Aptly named “In the Summertime” this song sounds bloody good in the sun. If you’re feeling crazy, Shaggy has done a version. I know.


I think this is also an obvious choice, but you would hate me if it wasn’t included. I think this song is one that will never stop being loved. It’s iconic, cheerful and catchy, and I love it. There is also a great opportunity for air guitar. The fashion in the Mr. Blue Sky video is spectacular.


Now for a song that isn’t over twenty years old. When I heard a clip of Let the Sun Shine on a podcast I couldn’t quite believe I had forgotten it, it was one of my favourite songs as a teenager! If I hadn’t heard that podcast I think I would have genuinely never thought of this song again. I highly recommend turning this song up, especially when driving.


I used to love this song, it was an iconic song of my teenage years, and one of my most played songs on my iPod. Mama do the Hump is a real toe-tapper and is a song that you just have to dance to, I don’t think it’s possible to sit still and listen to this song. If you don’t clap along to the “clap clap, sing” line then are you even listening to the song?!


Time for George Ezra. Paradise was released earlier this year, but it is definitely worth adding to your summer playlist. The drum beat is catchy and the lyrics are upbeat and wonderful. It’s one to sing/shout along to when in the shower or in the car.


My final one is probably a little random, but please stick with me. When you think of summer, you don’t typically think of The Hoosiers. BUT, I do think Goodbye Mr A is a banger, and I think it sounds even better in the sun. It’s a bonafide toe-tapper, and (I think) an underrated song. If you’ve never heard Goodbye Mr A, you are in for a treat.